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Someone told you to come to language school "Professional"?

Written by Super User on . Posted in Для главной страницы

They've done it right!

  • Since August, 2003, the school Professional has rendered such services:


    Come to our school! Studying foreign languages (American, British English). Our lessons are not only simple lessons, but also an intellectual show, splendid atmosphere, none of the lessons is alike, and it has its own life. Both students and teachers enjoy communicating a foreign language to each other. And it’s awesome!

    English for children

    While discussing projects and lesson plans or talking to parents about their children we are terribly emotional, because children warm our hearts, we love them, love, love, love… and it’s mutual! We have several groups for children: 7-8, 9-11, 11-13, 13-16 years old. And – you won’t believe it – we are starting a new project according to numerous requests of parents of our city – “Sweet children” (3-5-6 years old)! Wish us good luck!


    We can prepare to any level. Preparation to pass A1-B2 exam at the Goethe Institute. Our teachers have certificates from the Goethe Institute. During the classes you can regularly communicate to native speakers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The lessons are interesting, rich and of high-performance. People from Canada, America, Syria, Turkey, Tanzania, who live in Sumy, Ukraine, visit our classes of German.


    You probably heard about our Italian classes, and about an Italian guy, who attends our classes, and about our guys successfully communicating in Italy, after they had had classes in our school.


    The lessons are fascinating! You will learn not only how differently Spanish sounds sound, but also at the lesson you can imagine those blue-eyed beautiful girls and boys, who tell you how to get to the “Preciados” hotel, using all their gestures and emotions.


    No one is indifferent after these classes. High-level professionalism, careful attitude to every student, the atmosphere of travelling and adventures is on every lesson. And it’s hard to believe that such a difficult language can be taught in an easy and moderate way.

    Russian for foreigners

    We have a huge (no exaggeration) and valuable experience in teaching Russian for foreigners since 2003, and also a great amount of teaching material and books, notes and slide-shows for the lessons with foreigners. Guys from Sudan, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Tanzania, Lebanon , took classes in our school. You are welcome!

    Corporate English, German and other languages

    We can go to a client’s office or have classes in our office for corporate clients (all levels of English), German – all levels, business courses, IELTS, TOEFL etc.


    We never stick to one book only, we prepare a lesson using several systems, including the Internet resource. Every lesson has its own life and is never alike, even though sometimes a teacher has to spend 3-4 hours to get ready for a lesson. The result is worth it!


    We translate from/to 45 languages quickly, professionally and in confidence. Legalization, apostille, document nostrification, notaries. Our highly-qualified translators has already done the simultaneous translation at the serious business negotiations, which ended up with a contract signature.

    We provide English, German, French, Spanish and other languages translators 24/7, i.e. every day around the clock! You are welcome! Willcommen!

    The team

    We are team-workers, and it’s important. All the teachers not only work, they enjoy it. We are bound up in work, and our motto is “We take pride in the job well done!”


    At the lessons we use innovative techniques, video-, audio-materials, author projects, master-classes with native speakers, it gives our students an opportunity to feel comfortable and confident at the lessons and start speaking since the first lesson.


    After 3, 6, 9 months of studying and a test you can get a 4level-protection certificate.

    Education abroad

    We offer any foreign language course in 24 counties for children and adults with native speakers. We are the official representatives of the Canadian school Upper Madison College, Toronto, Canada.

  • logoThe school “Professional” officially started up in August, 2003. It was a first “start-up” in Sumy region.

    Mark Cullagen from Australia and Bruce Seihmour from the USA inspired our project “English for everyone”. Often visiting Ukraine on business they didn’t understand why people didn’t speak English in hotels, restaurants, at the railway station. And that’s when it all has begun… We’ve been working on teaching material 24/7 and without days off. There’s 24 hours in a day, but it seemed like 36 because we’ve managed to do a lot. Our school opened in September 1st, 2003, in time. The classes were overcrowded: 17-18 people for a group. The atmosphere was of pure outrageous drive.

    Australian and American colleagues tried all they could to help: made master classes, corrected and put phonetics of all of our learners.

    10 years have passed since then, but school traditions haven’t changed – friendly atmosphere, openness, high level of preparation for a lesson and high technologies. Our students like our lessons and we like to work for them.

  • Because it's not only the first language school in the city of Sumy, but also the most rating:

    • We’ve prepared more than 140 students for IELTS tests.

    • More than 245 of our graduates became students of foreign languages departments free of charge!

    • We’ve prepared about 450 general practitioners and associate professors of the medical department and more than 380 students of the medical college.

    • Our graduates work successfully in IT companies in Florida, Texas, New-York, Los-Angeles, Ohio.

    • Our children speak fluently with the native speakers of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and are not afraid to speak!

    • About 40 or our graduates annually go on Work & Travel, Au-Pair and use their knowledge in speech environment abroad.

    • About 260 of our graduates work in hotel management business all over the world: Spain, USA, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, England.

    • More than 340 of our graduates get promotions successfully in a banking sphere.

    • Every year our graduates go on Work & Travel, Au-Pair to the USA, Germany, Austria, Belgium.

    Our school became a family school.

    • Sergei Ponikar family (the President assistant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Sumy);

    • Andrei Snitsar family (the chief doctor of the State infectious diseases hospital of Krasovitskii, associate professor, a candidate of medical Sciences);

    • Maxim Pogorelov family (the Head of the Department of Hygiene and Ecology, Doctor of Medicine);

    • Vitalii Markevitch family (a professor, the Head of the Department of Pediatrics).

    And also because:

    Qualified and experienced teachers with professional certificates teach languages in our school.

    School absorbed the best qualities of the language schools of Great Britain and the USA.


    You will not only increase your language competence, but also learn a lot about the culture and traditions of the English-speaking countries.


    We guarantee an effective result attending classes regularly, but our trick is that even if our learners can’t do their homework because of their work, they keep up with the group, because we consolidate 90 % of material in class.


    Language practice doesn’t end after a lesson. Students are offered a variety of films, books, speaking club.


    Our school works according to special principles similar to the USA and Great Britain.


    Our students have an opportunity to get employed and train abroad.


    The organization and structure of our school allows our students to easily adapt to the educational standards of foreign schools and universities.


    Our language school provides an excellent opportunity to use the knowledge of foreign languages travelling abroad.

    What we have and others don't:

    • We suggest learning English and German at the same time (bilingual class).

    • English and German Business schools work in cooperation with European business schools.

    • We offer English for Hotel management.

    • We regularly have master classes with the native speakers from the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland: cooking fondue, art gallery excursions, tea ceremony etc.

    • Our experience allows to offer high-level lessons, which will bring you joy and confidence in speaking a foreign language. Don’t leave your success for tomorrow! You are welcome!

    • Low prices English classes for students.

    • English classes to enter the magistracy.

    • English for post-graduates.

    • English for the graduates of the foreign languages department, who had a break in working on speciality and want to renew their level.