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Image001My first visit to Sumy was about 2008. I was traveling around Ukraine and stopped in Sumy for a week. I enjoyed the calm and less hurried pace in Sumy. I met some nice people. I found most people friendly. So, I have returned to Sumy many times.

During my stay in February 2016, I decided to return and live in Sumy if possible. I had heard of several English language schools in Sumy but I had no contact with any. I have an American friend living in Sumy so I asked him his opinion of the various schools. He suggested 2 English schools. But, his recommendation was only "Professional". It was his opinion that only the owners of "Professional" were trustworthy and honest.

Mila and Boris of school "Professional" received me with warmth and interest. We had Skype video chats and many letters. I arrived back in Sumy in April and began working with the teachers and students. I became the native English speaking teacher aide.

My initial impressions were very positive and good. I found the teachers competent and dedicated to teaching the students. All the Ukraine teachers speak fluent English and have very good command of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

I have found the main difficulty for Ukraine students learning English to be clear pronunciation of words with as little accent as possible. Of course sentence syntax and grammar are difficult also. But, these difficulties are handled very well by the teaching staff.

During my time at "Professional" I know the classes are well taught. We have fun teaching and learning. We try to laugh and allow some freedom. Rarely are the classes boring. During classes we ask and answer questions, use role play, celebrations, parties and occasional field trips away from the classroom as teaching tools.

I have now been the "native English speaker" at "Professional" for 2 months. I have enjoyed everything. The teachers are friendly and welcoming. The students are incredible. We have students ranging from about 10 years old to adults in various careers. We have students who are doctors, engineer, bankers, lawyers and much more. All these students chose "Professional" to learn and improve their English speaking.

English is a vital language in the world. It is spoken everywhere. Most of the financial and business markets use English. For a person looking forward to a professional career should learn English. The world will become more accessible and many more options available for the person speaking English in addition to their formal education.

I encourage you to contact school "Professional" and begin your adventure in learning the English language.